why website design is bad

The REAL Reason website Design is Bad

If you’ve recently discovered the ‘new’ web and were introduced to a variety of different websites, chances are you’ve found some… confusing. Some have failed to make sense of your new site design, while others are downright scary. Thankfully, there’s an easy fix for all your design problems: put them all together into one website! It seems like everyone else is moving toward single-page websites — but not you! You know why? Simple: single-page websites are bad for your website. Right from the get-go, we’ve known that the world of digital marketing requires more than just multiple sites. To succeed consistently in this industry and be successful, you need a truly great website design. Nowhere is this more true than when developing brand new websites. When working on your first website, you might think it would be enough to create an empty space on the Internet and hope for the best. But no – your job as an online marketer doesn’t end at putting up simple white pages or black boxes with blinking lights; it extends beyond simply implementing simple solutions and solutions that other marketers have already achieved. You need to actively look out for ways to make your site faster, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly so that customers can understand exactly what they are doing on their website.

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What to consider when designing your first website

As we’ve already discussed, your first website is a crucial step toward successful online marketing. The first step is finding a fun, creative, and user-friendly title for your site. In your title, choose a word that will capture customers’ attention and get them interested in your brand. Don’t stress about choosing an appropriate word — it will come later in life when you’re trying to convince customers that your brand is legit.

Avoid over-simplification with your first site

An over-simplified site will leave customers confused as to what’s happening on your site and leaves them less than satisfied with their purchases. You want your customers to feel confident with their purchases and valuable information they’re getting from your site. It’s important to know the difference between microsites, main sites, and redirects so that you can seamlessly transition customers from one site to the other.

Don’t forget to give your customers what they need

In order to keep your customers happy and craving more, you must give them exactly what they want. If your site already has ads, choose an appropriate size and placement so that they can easily see and understand what they’re clicking on. If your site doesn’t have any ads, include some kind of valuable offers, offers that provide a great deal of value to your customers so that they can click on them fully. E.g. “Get Your First Look at our Most exclusives” or “Get Your First Look at our limited edition shoes.”

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Your online presence is the most important thing you can do for your business. But how do you sell to your customers and make them want to keep visiting your site over and over again? One of the best ways to do that is by providing them with value for their money. Make sure your offers and products match exactly what the customer is looking for, and that your product offerings are broad enough to cover the bases.

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Show customers what you have learned from the past and inspire them to adopt your brand

One of the best things you can do for your website is to teach your customers what you’ve learned from the past. If you’ve been around the online marketing industry long enough, you’ve likely come across people who have done one of two things: 1) Genuine and honest mistakes, or 2) Biggest, worst, and most deserved mistakes of all. If you learn from your mistakes and adopt a new and better business model, you’ve already achieved “fostering.” You’ve already taken what you’ve been given, and you’ve already begun to change the game. Now, it’s time to show your customers what you’ve been teaching them all along.

Bottom line

Now that we’ve discussed why it’s important to put your first website together, let’s turn our attention back to the why. Given the circumstances of your first website, what makes a great website? It’s your choice to create. But, regardless of whatever issue motivated you to create your first website, it’s important to make a great first impression. That’s what marketing is all about: attempting to engage and convince potential customers that you are a genuine, trustworthy, and reliable company. If you don’t do well at your first attempt, you’re likely to have a much harder time succeeding at the second. There are so many design and content issues that arise from your first site that it’s difficult to know where to start. So, let’s get ready to design your first site and get started building your brand!