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WordPress Basic

$9.99 / per month
A great way to get started.
  • 1 website
  • 30 GB storage
  • Ideal for up to 25,000 visits per month
  • Website backup protection with 1-click restore
  • Automatic daily malware scans
  • SSL Certificate*
*An SSL certificate is included with every site and free for the life of the hosting plan. Our hassle-free certificates are automatically installed, validated and renewed. The strong 2048-bit encryption will ensure all transactions are secure. Annual plan purchase required.

How To Start A WordPress Website Hosting Account

If you’ve made the decision to build your own website, then you’re in good shape. You can set it and forget about it (although some people wouldn’t be able to stop raving about their new-found-power website). However, if you’re also looking to get your business online and start operating it as an independent entity then wordpress is right for you. It’s a social media management software that can be used for almost any purpose like online marketing, blog management, and websites design. Let’s take a look at how you can take your wordpress website hosting account from hobbyist to professional with this guide. Read on for everything you need to know!

What is a wordpress website?

A website is a digital asset that can be used in many different ways. You can build a website that tells your story and shows your products or services in a creative and engaging way. A website is also known as an online presence. You can either build it yourself or hire a professional services firm to do it for you. A website is like an extension of your physical presence on the ground. When you’re on the ground, you’re near your customers, employees, and suppliers. You can host your website at home, at the office, at a hotel, or on a truck. A website is a tangible representation of your business.

How to set up your wordpress website

The first thing you’ll want to do when you get your hands on your wordpress website hosting account is to get it set up. The good news is that the process is pretty easy and straightforward. You can do it all from the comfort of your own home. First, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got all of your stuff together. Make sure that you’ve got your password set up, you’ve got your account information saved on your computer, you’ve got your web hosting account set up, and most importantly, you’ve got your website lying in wait. The website itself will probably be stored on a cloud-based hosting solution like You can use that hosting service to keep everything else in a virtual space while you wait for everything to start running. Once the website is setup, you can go ahead and start building it.

How to build a websites with wordpress

The next step is to create a website. You can either use a website builder or start from scratch. Both of these programs allow you to create websites that are completely OfW. Both can be used for free. Blogging and publishing online are often done in an online presence. You can create a blog or two with wordpress with no further extra effort. The best part is that wordpress websites are easy to maintain and edit. They’re really easy to update and change.

Start a free account with wordpress

If you want to get a head start setting up your website, you can try out a free account with wordpress. This account will let you set up various features like Google Analytics, Social Book links, a blog, and much more. However, it’s important to note that a paid account requires you to write blog articles or submit content to sites regularly. You’ll also need to pay for the account every month to keep it going.


The wordpress website hosting service is a great way to start a new business online. It’s easy to set up, costs pennies per month, and can be used for almost any purpose. The only real downside to this is that it’s not for the advanced users who want to create complex websites. However, if you’re just starting out, there are plenty of free websites that can help you get started. So, if you want to get your feet wet, wordpress is a great way to go. It’s easy to use, costs pennies per month, and has lots of great features.

cPanel Starter

$2.99$2.49 / per month

cPanel Hosting that’s easy, reliable and lightning-fast.

  • 1 website
  • 30 GB storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth*

*We don’t limit the amount of storage and bandwidth your site can use as long as it complies with our Hosting Agreement. Should your website bandwidth or storage usage present a risk to the stability, performance or uptime of our servers, we will notify you via email and you may be required to upgrade, or we may restrict the resources your website is using. It’s very rare that a website violates our Hosting Agreement and is typically only seen in sites that use hosting for file sharing or storage.